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The brand of the original cable

ALKA3 is a market leader, preferred by the most demanding consumers, professionals, applicators, repairers and distributors in Brazil. Focusing on quality and durability of Cabovel products, the company submits its products to the most rigorous resistance and durability tests.


A supplier of flexible command cables for assembly lines of some of the main automakers in the country, Alka3 also has distributors and replenishers throughout Brazil, in addition to exporting to many countries such as the USA, Germany, Uruguay and Chile, among others. Our mission is to develop and offer products that exceed customer expectations and obtain fair profitability and motivation for our employees

1971 to 2006: Between 1971 and 2006, the Cabovel brand was initiated and developed by other companies, which developed and progressed along with the national automobile industry; 2007: In 2007, the Cabovel brand was acquired by the Alka3 company, making the brand expand to other markets. Quality and technology have always been part of the company’s principle; 2009: Begins supplying the gearshift lever to Agrale; Starts supplying gearshift cables to TAC, the company that makes Stark (Jeep); Supplies oil dipstick to Detroit Diesel Corp – USA; 2010: Development and start supply of shift cables for Stara Agromach; 2011: Development and start of cables and supply for IVECO; Starts supply of shifter and cables for VOLVO BUS; 2012: Begins the supply of shifter and cables for IVECOTRUCK, and MERCEDES BENZ ÔNIBUS; 2013: In mid-2012 / 2013 CABOVEL intends to further expand its exports to several countries

With its factory headquartered in Osasco – SP, in an area of ​​2400m² with more than 150 employees, Alka3 has the most modern production line. With state-of-the-art equipment and highly qualified and trained employees, all products undergo quality tests.

ALKA3 Indústria de Autopeças Ltda, manufacturer of original automotive components for the national and international market, headquartered in Osasco – SP, committed to meeting the requirements of IATF 16949:16, ISO 14001:15, ISO 45001:2018 and Liability Requirements Social, assumes the following commitments: Ensure customer satisfaction through the quality of products and services; Continuously improve the organization’s products, production, administrative and management processes; Develop human resources, respecting employees’ rights and curbing abusive and discriminatory practices; Protect the environment, through the involvement of employees and suppliers in environmental issues, preventing pollution and minimizing waste generation; Ensure a safe working environment, through actions to prevent injuries and work-related health problems; Eliminate hazards and reduce occupational health and safety risks; Ensure consultation and participation of employees and their representatives in matters of occupational health and safety; Comply with applicable laws, standards, international conventions and other requirements; Review 05 – 05/27/2019 Board of Directors

Work environment / Internal audience ALKA3 does not accept the following behaviors from its employees or suppliers and service providers: Use of child labor and work before the age of 16 (except as an apprentice, between 14 and 24 years old); Exploitation of slave or forced labor; Discrimination of any kind, including discrimination due to age, race, color, nationality, sexual orientation, gender, political orientation, religion or creed, physical disabilities or limitations, geographic origin and social class, physical appearance, health problems and people with HIV ; Conduct that causes embarrassment or is disrespectful towards subordinates or other people in the company, such as offensive words, intimidation, sexual harassment and psychological or physical aggression; Use of offensive nicknames (those that the nicknamed expresses his displeasure with the use); Consumption of alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs or being under the influence of these during the working day or while on company duty; Illegal, unethical, bribery or misconduct where any member of the organization can gain personal advantage; Commercial or abusive practices of any nature with customers, service providers and suppliers that may be interpreted as unprofessional conduct.

ALKA3 also maintains the privacy of its employees with regard to sensitive information (including medical) obtained and maintained under the responsibility of the Human Resources area. Remuneration ALKA3 provides its staff with remuneration that meets at least the minimum industry standards. ALKA3 does not deduct wages for disciplinary reasons, except in cases provided for by law. Relationship with Trade Unions ALKA3 understands the importance of unions and their initiatives, respecting the right of its employees to join the union of their category. It also maintains a collective agreement and provides basic information on the category’s rights and duties, such as collective bargaining agreements, union contributions, etc. Relationship with Customers In the relationship with its customers, ALKA3 is committed to: Serve with warmth and efficiency; Deliver what was promised; Don’t sacrifice the quality of your products; Do not allow bribes to obtain a decision to purchase products or services; Maintain privacy protection of the customer’s private information; Relationship with Suppliers and Service Providers

ALKA3 adopts, with suppliers and service providers, a posture of transparency and impartiality, in order to preserve mutual trust and contribute to the construction of a lasting relationship and does not accept commercial practices or any abusive nature that could be interpreted as a unprofessional conduct. It encourages suppliers and service providers to adopt management practices guided by the same principles of conduct followed by ALKA3. Competition ALKA3 understands that free competition is a factor that provides innovation and improvement in the quality of products and services. In order for free competition to be exercised in a fair manner, ALKA3 prohibits its employees: Disclose information or discuss marketing conditions with competitors; Promote ALKA3’s products and services by demonstrating deficiencies in the products and services of its competitors. Safety, Health, Environment and Social Responsibility

ALKA3 promotes the preservation of the safety and health of its employees and the environment, through the establishment of its Management Policy. political activities It is prohibited for ALKA3 employees, unless duly authorized by the Board: Any participation in political and/or partisan campaigns or activities, using the name of ALKA3; Make contributions or give gifts to government representatives, political parties or candidates on behalf of ALKA3. press agencies Any contact with press agencies must be made by the Board or employees duly authorized by it. When identifying incorrect dissemination of data or news that affect the image of ALKA3, employees must immediately inform the Board. Conflict of interests The following behaviors are prohibited: Develop, directly or indirectly, parallel to their work at the company, activities that are concurrent and/or complementary to ALKA3’s business, without the express authorization of the Board, except in cases of academic activities; To be the owner or partner of a company or any economic activity that may represent a conflict of interest with ALKA3; Use or pass on to third parties, without authorization from the Executive Board, confidential information; Give lectures, seminars or academic papers on ALKA3 processes, without authorization from the Board;

Use of electronic equipment, resources and media The use of computer resources is subject to its own regulations. Anti-bribery Policy ALKA3 has a policy of complying with all anti-bribery and anti-corruption practices applicable to its activities. It is also the Organization’s policy to require suppliers, third parties and business partners to comply with these same practices. Actual making payments or offering business courtesies or anything else of value may violate anti-bribery and anti-corruption conduct. ALKA3 employees are prohibited from soliciting, receiving or offering gifts, commercial courtesy of any kind and nature that may characterize any type of advantage and/or favoritism in professional relationships, especially with regard to purchasing and/or hiring processes. services. Deviation of Conduct and Escalation All employees must work to ensure prompt and appropriate action against violations of this Code of Conduct. However, in some situations it is difficult to determine whether an action will or has already resulted in a violation. These are the steps that ALKA3 Employees must keep in mind in the event of a possible violation of the Code: Make sure you have all the information; Use your good judgment and common sense; If you are unsure what to do in a situation, seek guidance before acting. ALKA3 will not allow retaliation to any Employee who reports, in good faith, misconduct or unethical illegal behavior. Misconduct based on this Code must be reported directly to the Human Resources Manager or via the Suggestion/Whisper Box.